Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

The Bespoke Synergy straight stairlift is simple-to-use and stylish in design. It uses one of the slimmest rails within the marketplace and combined with the compact carriage design will allow access to the stairs when the chair, armrests, and footplate are neatly folded away. Features include;

  • The control toggle switch is comfortable for all users even for those with reduced dexterity available for left and right-handed people.
  • Ergonomically designed and simple to use the remote control supplied as standard so help can be given to the user if required.
  • The seat has a turning handle, allowing the seat to turn accommodation seating and standing.
  • A simple and fully adjustable seatbelt, so the user can be safely secured into the seat.
  • Padded seat and backrest made from high-quality vinyl (recoverable covers – easy to clean).
  • Easy to understand digital display, that shows the status with clear, backlit text.

The Synergy stairlift is an easy-to-use stairlift and will help you to reclaim your independence at home.

Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester

Straight Stairlifts Gloucester – Installation

Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester - folded
Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester
Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester
Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester -control toggle switch
Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester -controls
Bespoke Synergy Straight Stairlifts Gloucester - seatbelt

Straight Stairlifts Gloucester-based solutions

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