LOLER Testing

LOLER testing for Mobility Equipment

Midwest Mobility offer LOLER testing and inspection for mobility equipment used in care homes, nursing homes, hospises and hospitals

Make sure your care and mobility equpiment complies with the LOLER regulations

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, aim to reduce the Health and Safety risks of using lifting equipment by placing a duty of care to companies to ensure that the equipment they own, operate and use are safe to use at all times.

In order to comply with LOLER all hoists and patient lifting equipment (including slings) must be examined regularly and inspected every six months.

Midwest Mobility has a team of trained, experienced and CRB checked technicians who can fully inspect mobility equipment, carry out remedial works if required and provide a LOLER certificate on the day of inspection.

LOLER testing for Mobility Equipment

The following are examples of the type of equipment that requires inspection:

  • Ceiling hoists
  • Mobile patient lifting hoists
  • Stand aid hoists
  • Bath hoists and bath lifters
  • Slings and accessories.

The service we offer:

  • LOLER testing for mobility equipment (inspection report/certificate supplied)
  • Minor repairs 
  • Remedial works (date scheduled)
  • Part sourcing
  • Fixed term contracts (to ensure that your equipment remains in good working order and operating to the regulations).

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LOLER Regulations

All hoists and patient lifting equipment, including all slings, must be inspected and evaluated every six months to comply with The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Mobility Equipment, Servicing and Repair

Midwest Mobility are expert in the supply, installation, servicing and repair of all types of mobility equipment and disabled living aids.

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From self-propelled, foldable light weight transit, electric wheelchairs to powerchairs and ramps we have the expertise to advise on the correct models for clients.

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