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mobility equipment Glocestershire - straight stairlifts Gloucestershire

Stairlifts are simple to use, low maintenance and highly reliable. They can be installed on straight or return flights of stairs, attached directly to the stair’s treads.

Ceiling Track Hoist Systems

Mobility equipment Gloucestershire- hoist system - Gloucestershire

Ceiling track hoist systems can be configured to linear transfer from one area to another on a single track or for a whole room coverage access using an H track system. We also have solutions to link hoist systems together in different rooms.

Rise and Recliner Chairs

Mobility Equipment Gloucestershire- Rise and Recliners Gloucestershire

Rise and recliner chairs are available with both dual or single motors and a multitude of optional extras, made to measure service, large choice of fabrics and specialist seating options.

Midwest Mobility Equipment Gloucestershire-based supplier offers help and advice in choosing the right living aids. From walking aids to stairlifts or rise and recline chairs, and profiling beds to make day to day living more comfortable, call and book an initial NO OBLIGATION home assessment, 01242 506 240 or email: